Hi everyone! It’s just me, a simple gal in search of authenticity. I stumbled upon the character, RUTH in my quest for soul searching and finding my identity.

I hope you can recognize her name cleverly imbedded in my logo tRUTHful (Copyright 2017). Sometimes I feel like a chameleon that’s morphed my identity several times, maybe to please others or maybe to fit in. I’m finally discovering who I really am through my Faith and self-discovery.

RUTH teaches us that the best is yet to come and how faithfulness and truthfulness pay off.  My hope is to share with and empower women to live authentically in today’s world. What is Beauty, Character, Worth, Identity, Authenticity? are all upcoming topics.  This is a work in progress.

I love music and since I have the whole “soundtrack of my life” thing going on in my head, you may notice many of the titles quote some of my favorite songs.

Let me also share this disclosure about why I decided to start a faith based blog and how that idea might be different than you think! Click here:  Been damaged by the church?



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